#6 File and directory name with accents not properly handled


I am using an USB hard-drive with an ext2 partition. I have files
wich have accents (french...) in there name and, when using Os X
Ext2, I don't have there full name displayed. I can still access the
content of the files.

The names appeare as this "Entr?" instead of "Entrées.txt". The
first accent in replaced by a '?' and the rest of the name is lost.

The names where entered from a computer running Gnu/Linux.

Tell me if you need more informations.

Thanks in advance



  • Brian Bergstrand

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  • Brian Bergstrand

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    I'll look into this. I'll probably need more info from you.

  • Brian Bergstrand

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    I've been doing some research on this, and it turns out that
    Linux does not care what character encoding is used for directory
    entries (IOW, file names). Linux just treats the name as a byte
    stream with no interpretation done. If you are using non-ASCII
    characters in file names, there is no way to find out what
    encoding is used for a particular file (or the FS as a whole). The
    solution to this is to use UTF-8. This is what Mac OS X does.
    Unfortunatly, if you are not currently using UTF-8 in Linux, then
    your names will be mis-interpreted on Mac OS X and there is
    nothing that can be done to fix this.

  • Brian Bergstrand

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  • Brian Bergstrand

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