Ext2Fsd 0.46a is released !

Ext2Fsd is an open source linux ext2/ext3 file system driver for Windows systems (NT/2K/XP/VISTA, X86/AMD64). It could provide natively reading or writing access to your ext2/ext3 volumes under windows.

Modifications from V0.46:
1, FIXME: BSOD during volume direct access. This bug was induced
in 0.46. Thanks to David Velazquez for the help.

Modifications from V0.45:

1, ext3 journal check and replay implemented. If the journal is
not empty ext2fsd will replay the journal and make the file
system consistent as an ext2 file system.

2, flexible-inode-size supported. recent Linux are using 256-byte
inode that fails 0.45 and before to show all the files.

3, FIXME: 2 minor issues that mislead EditPlus. EditPlus is always
trying to open any file with directory_only flag set to judge
whether the target is a directory or file, when the file isn't
a directory, the open request should be denied. But Ext2Fsd 0.45
and before doesn't. Another issue is that ext2 file time on disk
has different precision against windows (1 second vs 100 nano
second), which causes EditPlus thinks the file is being changed.

4, FIXME: a severe bug (likely happen on win2k system) which cause
dirty caches missed and slow down the whole system.

5, many other minor changes: bulk block allocation/release, possible
inode allocation dead-loop when all inodes are used out, Ext2Mgr
win2k support, other performance improvements.

Features to be implemented in future:

1, LVM support
2, Documents improvement: clear and elaborate
3, Performance improvement, code optimization
4, EXT3 features support (htree, journal)
5, Automatic check & update of new versions

Since 0.38, Ext2fsd is much stable even under heavy i/o loads,
both for reading and writing. Performance and stability are
highly, improved especially stability. A new and strong era of
Ext2Fsd in product shape is coming :)


The driver may crash your system and ruin your data unexpectedly,
since there might be software conflicts and I could only test it
on some of the popular platforms. You should use it with care and
use it at your own risk!

Matt <mattwu@163.com>

Posted by Matt Wu 2008-06-03

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