Write access to linux ext3 files from windows 7

  • Leo

    Leo - 2014-06-04

    Hi, I've a dual boot system with ubuntu 12.04 and windows 7. I can access my linux files (partition format is ext3) from windows, but I cannot write to them. I've edited the properties of the linux drive from ext2fsd:
    Properties -> Security, etc
    Everything in sight has full control.
    When I look at the properties of the linux folder from windows explorer, again, everybody has write access. But whenever I try to write to the disk, I'm told that the disk is write-protected. Any help would be most appreciated.

  • Matt Wu

    Matt Wu - 2014-07-14

    Ext2Fsd would mount as readonly in the following cases:

    1, the ext3/ext4 volume has features that Ext2Fsd doesn't support
    2, journal file has data (a e2fsck/replay is required)
    3, you didn't enable "force writing support". Try ext2mgr and double click on the volume

  • Old Techie

    Old Techie - 2014-07-14

    I have had no problems enabling writing in windows 7. However since installing the latest version I've had a lot of superblock issues that only come to light when booting in linux. Usually linux fails to mount the partition because the superblock can't be found. The last time I couldn't recover in linux - no backup superblocks found. Yet booting windows I could still read it enough to copy most of my data off.

  • msdobrescu

    msdobrescu - 2014-09-20

    In my case, having Sabayon and ext4 all over the disks and Windows 8.1, since .51 version I do not trust to write on any ext filesystem. If I do, next time I use linux, the filesystem on the ext partition is damaged and I lose files or parts of files. The driver should be tested more thoughtfully.


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