andy_cap - 2012-04-18

I have an ext2 formatted ide disk from a tv pvr recorder which I was trying to diagnose outside of the pvr…. (hdd partitioned to 2 ext2 partitiions and pvr struggling with disk …)

When I connected hdd it to a real linux system (running parted magic)… mechanically the hdd reported fine (from test) … but when trying to access filesystems it said one partition was ok … the other had a superblock corruption and couldn't be accessed…. neither gparted nor testdisk could access it nor find any backup superblocks for the partition.

However, then I accessed it via ext2fsb (win 7 64bit) I could access both partitions and the data files no problem.
Great news & great product ext2fsb … but why wouldn't linux let me do that?

How can I know if my ext2 filesystem is ok or not?

thanks for any help