Complete Data Loss Ext3

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Don't know if I should post this in help but I don't think anyone can help at this point...

    Needed to backup data from my windows XP so I can format it and install Kubuntu on it. We're talking about 150 Gb so DVD's will be tedious. Fortunately I had access to an LaCie USB HD with enough space from work. Formatted in Ext3. Since windows can't access ext drives I used the Ext2fsd driver. So far so good. I started to select what I wanted to back up and in groups from no more than a few Gb's I started moving my data to the Ext disk. 150 gb later I'm done, got some sleep and when I woke up the next day ALL the data that was moved was gone. The USB disk was in exact the same state as before I started the backups. Most of the data I can download from the net again, but not everything. Like hundreds of photographs. You can probably image the mood I'm.

    Why did this happen? Was it my own fault? Is there a change I can get data back?

    • Matt Wu

      Matt Wu - 2007-01-08

      It's really sad and very annoying encountering such data loss. I have some questions for your case:

      1), Check the free space of the USB disk, is it the same to before ?
      2), Check the USB disk was taken over by ext2fsd, see the property of the driver letter. Sometimes other file system driver will take over it other than ext2fsd, which deponds on driver starting order.
      3), Did you turn off your computer or let it sleep/himbernate after your data moving?
      4), Is there any data in the usb disk before you backup and how much is it ?
      5), Did you just format the usb disk for backup and which format tool was used if so ?
      6), What type is the file system where your data was originally stored, NTFS/FAT ?

      > "The USB disk was in exact the same state as before I started the backups."
      Your case is really rare. I ever tired several times to copy 100~200G data to a 250G disk. But the testing environment differs with yours. If your data was really copied to the usb disk, then it won't loss, or the root directory entry was corrupted.


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