StehpanKa - 2011-09-07

I need your help to file a proper bug report.
I've got at least two programs which show strange behaviors when accessing/working with Ext3 drives mounted with Ext2Fsd 0.51:
I'm on Win7 (64bit, SP1).

Thunderbird 6.0.1:
My profile is on a Ext3 drive. I can only install one extension to this Thunderbird. A second installation fails.
And perhaps easier to debug:
With the Thunderbird profilemanager I can create Profiles on ext3 drives. When I delete a profile from a Ext3 drive, some directories are not deleted by thunderbird. (On NTFS and Fat32 drives Thunderbird deletes all directories.)
Those directories in my profile directory are empty, but not deleted. Their names are: "extensions\trash", "minidumps", "Cache\0" and "Cache\3" to "Cache\F".

IrfanView 4.30:
This image viewer has a "browse subfolder" window which is brought up by pressing "Ctrl+B", which is used to change the current viewed directory.
It shows the list of subdirectories of the current directory and normally the two entries "(.)" and "(..)" for the current and the parent directory.
But on Ext3 drives mounted with Ext2Fsd 0.51 the parent directory entry is missing. So I can't enter it, which makes using the "browse subfolder" function pointless for me.
(On NTFS drives and Samba network shares the parent directory entry is working.)

Where do I have to start to figure out what's going wrong here?