Corrupt files with Ext2fsd 0.50

  • djphatic

    djphatic - 2011-03-14


    I use Ext2fsd to connect my popcorn hour A-200 via USB slave for file transfer in Windows 7. Since updating to 0.50 I find that the files I transfer to the internal drive either do not load or load and then hang immediately.

    Observations using Ext2fsd 0.48:
    File transfers at 30MB/sec
    mkv files play no problem.

    Observations using Ext2fsd 0.50:
    File transfers at 65MB/sec
    mkv files either load and hang straight away or don't load at all.

    I have reverted back to Ext2fsd 0.48 for the time being.

  • Egor

    Egor - 2011-05-06

    Hi, I found that this problem isn't only with mkv files. Problem is with video files in different formats and video containers. I haven't had to find problem with another types of files.  There is a problem when I download video through torrent, but not with all video, some of the files can be downloaded properly but others not.

  • whocares

    whocares - 2011-07-04

    Same for me and zip-files. Many files get corrupted on the ext3-target when doing a copy.


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