Andreas Wesik - 2005-02-07

I've tried to mount my disk with the command "mount 1 1 z:" and it swallows the command.
The problem is when I enter the Z: drive it says it's 0 bytes big and there are no files in it.
I've figured out that it should be "1 1 z:" by using diskmgmt.msc and also (ofcourse) tried with changing the numbers when it didn't work as I wanted.
But all the other combinations I tried ("0 1 z:" and such) gives me the error "unformatted drive. Format?" so I really think the "1 1 z:" isnt the thing that's wrong.

My ext3-drive is a 200gb raid-1 drive (2 identical 200gb drives connected in raid-1 with a vscom sata-200 controller). Could that be a problem? Raid or sata or such?

I also wonder about file possesion and this tool.
Can one read all files on the ext3-partition or do one have to set permissions for all (like chmod 777) to see the files? Can that be the problem I'm having?

And my diskmgmt.msc only sees my 200gb drive as ONE partition but i have just installed a fresh "fedora core 3" on it.
Shouldn't there be 3 partitions showing in diskmgmt.msc? (I mean boot,swap and usr or what they are called). (I'm a linux-newbie as you can probably tell :-)

Hope someone can answer some of my questions.

Mvh: Ezel ... Malmoe, Sweden