mount /unmount causes reboot

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It seems that once you've mounted an ext2fs filesystem under Windows (XP) you can't unmount it without causing a kernel exception (and thus reboot).

    Beware. (Tested with ext2fsd 0.22b on a real partition and a file image).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      specifically the DISMOUNT ioctl causes a driver panic - if you comment that out, and move the DefineDosDevice up (after the LOCK_VOLUME ioctl) things work.

      Also - it is important that there is a UNLOCK_VOLUME ioctl after the definedosdevice.


      CreateFile - grab a handle to the partition
      LOCK_VOLUME - prevent further activity
      DefineDosDevice - remove map of partition to drive
      UNLOCK_VOLUME - let VFS things can proceed
      CloseHandle - close (last) handle to device


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