Codepage support in 0.23

  • Douglas Richard

    Douglas Richard - 2005-01-13

    The codepage support in 0.23 appears to be broken on my system.  UTF-8 characters in filenames are completely garbled under Windows.  Mounting, unmounting, and reading all work properly though.

    Here's my setup:
    Ext2fsd 0.23
    Windows XP Professional SP2
    ext3 filesystem
    Linux system has default NLS of "utf8"

    Anyone else having problems like this - or better yet, solutions? :)

    • Matt Wu

      Matt Wu - 2005-01-15

      Have you changed your registry: Parameters\CodePage ?

      Reboot is needed after the change if ext2fsd driver already started.

    • Douglas Richard

      Douglas Richard - 2005-01-15

      The registry key is currently set to "utf8".  I've rebooted numerous times since installing.

      Is there an easy way for me to verify what codepage the filesystem's filenames are written in?  There's always the possibility of a misconfiguration on the Linux side...

    • Douglas Richard

      Douglas Richard - 2005-02-11

      OK, I've had some time to explore this some more and here's what I've found:

      1) My linux filesystem is actually EUC-JP, but setting the registry key to "euc_jp" still results in garbled filenames under Windows.

      2) The garbled data does not seem to match any of EUC-JP, UTF-8/16/32, ISO-2022-JP, or S-JIS.

      3) Here's some sample data.  I'm listing the hexcodes of two filenames below.  The left is what they are under Linux, the right is what they show up as under Windows.

      ce eb cc da b0 a1 c8 fe  ->  ce 81 45 da b0 a1 c8 fe
      c9 cd ba ea a4 a2 a4 e6 a4 df  ->  c9 cd ba ea a4 a2 a4 e6 a4 df

      Note that the second filename seems to have undergone no change whatsoever.  Also, only two bytes of the first filename are changed.  I'm not sure what to make of this, without digging into the codepage translation source code (next step ;).  Can anyone out there tell me if they're successfully using ext2fsd with EUC-JP?

    • Eduardo Diaz

      Eduardo Diaz - 2005-02-16

      to me don't suport utf8, use samba3 for write some examples of directorys (are a usb disk) and after I mount in my windows and mount ok but don't show the spanish caracters


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