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Mr C
  • Mr C

    Mr C - 2009-08-20

    I'm using ext2fsd on Vista x64 SP2.
    I have created a drive letter and can access the ext2 partition on my main internal HDD without problems.

    However, I also have a 16GB USB drive with 2 primary partitions on it.

    #1 is FAT32, #2 is ext2. In volume manager properties for this disk, partition #1 is shown as "Online,FAT32" but partition #2 has status ’Stopped’ and I cannot successfully add a mount point.

    How can I get this partition ‘online’?

  • Davide Viti

    Davide Viti - 2009-09-16

    I got the very same problem; I'd be happy to know how to fix this

  • Nande

    Nande - 2015-07-08

    Same problem here, on 2 different laptops.

  • cfp p2p

    cfp p2p - 2016-03-05

    deleted partition 1 then allowed change drive letter [add] [x] Mount Via DefineDosService
    not really a good work around
    v .51
    yet to try v.62

  • cfp p2p

    cfp p2p - 2016-04-15

    0.66 fixed the problem.


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