Nosferax - 2010-02-03

I have been having trouble using tortoise SVN on an ext3 partition, from which I read/write using ext2fsd.

I often get errors of tortoise trying to read an impossible file like example.h/.svn/entries. The guys over at SVN told me this :

Problem is that Ext2Fsd doesn't return the proper values for certain
filesystem API calls. The ones the svn library uses to determine whether
a path is a file or a folder here is the problem. Subversion doesn't get
the proper return value, so it treats the file as a folder and that
leads to the error message.

Does this ring a bell to you ? I can try and find out which filesystem api calls are not returning expected values but first I wanted to know if anyone here has experienced this as well, and if there is a fix or workaround.