• Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-02-12

    Running 0.50 in Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.
    I can browse the mounted Ext3 partition but if I try to delete a file I receive an error which states that "to modify the file permission from Everyone is needed".
    I've already checked and the partition is not mounted as read-only.
    What should I do? Thanks

    • Omid

      Omid - 2013-07-15

      Did you solve it?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-02-12

    Actually the above error comes when trying to delete a directory.
    When deleting a file the error says that "the file is already in use", which is obviously not true.
    Any suggestions?

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2011-02-14

    I'm having the same problem. Tried reinstalling, checked that the option to mount read only is not set, checked logs. Nothing.
    any tips on where to look would be appreciated.

  • Matt Wu

    Matt Wu - 2011-02-15

    1, How did you do trying to delete a directory, with Windows explorer or cmd shell ?
    2, Are there any hidden files inside the directory ? Have you made Ext2Fsd to hide all '." files ?
    3, If the directory or any files inside it have extents, Ext2Fsd could delete it.
    4, You can use "procexp.exe" from to list all used files: search handles to make sure there's no outstanding reference on ext3 volumes
    5, better do a e2fsck (-f) check in Linux to make sure the volume content is valid.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-02-16

    Sorry for the delay, I did not receive the warning about the received replies.

    1) Windows Explorer
    2) No. No.
    3) I did not understand what you meant in this point
    4) I will, but the files were not used by anything. In my case, I was trying to delete a directory full of video files that have not been opened by any program.
    5) I will do this too, but the volume is working perfectly and it does not show any sign of degradation.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2011-02-16

    Same situation AFAIK.
    1) Windows Explorer
    2) No. No.
    3) Probably as it was not formatted with the no-extent option. Also having the same problem with an ext4.
    4) Done that, not used by any process.
    5) Done. No problem found.

    I did some more tests. First, everytime I boot I have to manually deactivate the option for read-only.
    second, If I create a folder or file, I can remove it without a problem. Same goes with a file.
    This might probably be related to the extent situation you mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-01-15


    I have the same problem in 0.51. Is there any way to solve this problem?

  • Omid

    Omid - 2013-07-15

    SAME Problem HERE!

  • Haplo

    Haplo - 2014-10-04

    I'm having this same issue. Does anyone at least have a workaround?

  • .rhavin

    .rhavin - 2015-01-16

    Is this tool still under developement or is it orphaned? because i have the same issue here and the issue seems to be unsolved since 4 years.


  • Jeroen Bollen

    Jeroen Bollen - 2015-05-04

    I have the same issue.

    • When deleting a file, it says the file is already in use.
    • When deleting a directory, it says I need permissions from 'everyone'.

    Could anyone please help me out with this one?


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