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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I was trying to enable write support in ext2fsd. First I changed the reg. key and rebooted. After that, the driver was not in the system anymore, so I reinstalled it. Unfortunately that disabled write support.
    Then I tried to recompile the driver with write support, but I needed the NTDDK. Unfortunately NTDDK is only available to MSDN subscribers, so that is not an option.
    How do I get my driver to stay in the system with write support?

    Is there a way to get NTDDK? I keep finding people saying that it is available for free from MS, but I can't find it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Maybe I should mention that I am using Windows XP with Ext2fsd 0.21.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ext2Fsd does not support writing to Ext3. It seems that your volume is ext3 not ext2.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      my drive has a partition created with partition magic 8, and is a ext2, and also one swap partition.
      the ext2 part is on a usb hdd, and mounts fine.

      But it remains read only, i edited the reg, rebooted, reinstalled and still cant get write support, any help please??

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Why reinstall when you could just reload the driver with "net start ext2fsd"?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The driver as disrtibuted from SourceForge is (annoyingly) set to be read-only.

      You need the NTDDK and MSVC in order to recompile for write support. You can not download the NTDDK freely - either pay for it, or become a MSDN subscriber. Obviously you'll need to pay for MSVC.

      It'd be great if the ext2fsd.sys was actually compiled and made available supporting writes. With the WriteSupport paramter turned off by default, adventerous people could enable it.

    • Matt Wu

      Matt Wu - 2004-11-14

      1, You need not compile it if you just want Ext2Fsd to support writing. You can modify the REGISTRY to force Ext2Fsd supporting writing ... FAQ.txt has detail explaintions.

      2, NTDDK is a must to compile Ext2Fsd. MSVC is NOT needed to compile the driver. Ntddk 2k is free. But it seems that M$ removed the link :-( You should / could get it from the web.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      clam:[~/ext2/ext2fsd-0.22b/Setup]% strings ext2fsd.sys | grep Version
      BFD: ext2fsd.sys (.text): Section flag IMAGE_SCN_MEM_NOT_PAGED (0x8000000) ignored
      Ext2Fsd -- Version 0.22 (ReadOnly) Free - Built at Nov  5 2004 18:33:01.

      The fact that the driver says 'ReadOnly' is why just modifying the registry won't work. Specifically look at
      Ext2InitializeVcb and it sets media to be VCB_READ_ONLY if EXT2_READ_ONLY is set.

      And modifying the registry appears to have no effect.

      You can not (legally) get the NTDDK 'via the web'. Either you order it (for free) from Microsoft at <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/ddk/">http://www.microsoft.com/ddk/</a> and pay the shipping charges -- or download it via your MSDN subscription.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You didn't have to reinstall the driver after you rebooted.... Infact that would reset the registry key to read only again....

      Set the registry key to enable writing, then restart... but they you just need to start service back up using "net start ext2fsd", then mount the drives you want, and you should be able to write...


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