Cynan McWilliam - 2009-05-07

ext2fsd is working well and I can see my linux partition through windows just fine.  Only problem is unable to boot it since just installed it over a stripe that no linux boot cd is able to see.  Anyone know of a way to use ext2fsd or a related tool to extract the first 512k of the partition.

I was planning to just log into a rescue mode and do a dd if=/dev/sda3 of=sda3_boot.imb bs=512 count=1 but all the rescue mode does is show me each individual member of the stripe and of course the boot sector is unreadable and spread across multiple unreadable drives.

I kinda want to keep the stupid windows boot sector in place for other reasons...  though I am reconsidering just sticking grub on the mbr and hoping for the best..