Because I couldn't glean it from news posts,

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    is there confirmed read and write support (not necessarily bug free) for this program?

    I want to try to run lilo installer in Windows, so I can choose which operating system I want to run remotely.  Here's how it should work:

    Linux to Windows: edit lilo.conf and run lilo installer, making the WinXP partition the default.  Reboot and exit the system.  Wait five minutes, and then VNC into Windows.

    Windows to Linux: mount the ext partition in Windows.  Edit lilo.conf and run lilo installer with Line (a Linux system function intercepter in Windows).  Reboot the system.  Wait five minutes, and then log into Linux.

    If anyone knows of a better (and safer) way to do this, please reply.  Thanks.

    • Matt Wu

      Matt Wu - 2004-08-20

      Try to use boot.ini to boot your linux box. Then anytime you can modify the boot.ini to boot the system you want.



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