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Brian Borg
  • Brian Borg

    Brian Borg - 2010-06-08

    Thank you for sharing this excellent software.

    I have been using Ext2fsd on Windows Server 2008 R2 to access files on my Dish Network external hard drives.  I have been copying file sets back and forth with no problem, except that I can't see anything on the last partition, which is shown as Linux extend under physical object.

    Dish recently added support for external drives larger than 1.5 TB.  The layout Dish has been using so far is to use a small, 1.0 GB partition EXT3 first, and then 500 GB EXT3 partitions, or less,  for the rest of the drive.  But with a 2 TB drive, it used the same layout except the fourth partition is Linux extend for the large remainder 862 GB.

    Ext2fsd shows this as RAW under file system, but I know that there are files there because I moved additional material there after the third partition was full, when it was mounted on the Dish receiver.  Is there any way I can access the additional partition(s)?

  • Brian Borg

    Brian Borg - 2010-06-08

    Additional information:

    I have looked at the sectors using dskprobe an old Windows resource kit utility.  The EXT3 partitions are type 0x83 and the Linux extend partition is type 0x85.  The "boot" sector of the fourth partition is another partition table, just like an old dos fat extended partition.  That table shows a 500 GB EXT3 partition and a 380 GB 0x85 partition, the "boot" sector of which is a partition table with one 380 GB EXT3 partition.


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