umount impossible

  • Hagbard Celine

    Hagbard Celine - 2004-03-05


    with version 0.20 I've noticed that umount a partition that was accessed isn't possible. umount just fails. With version 0.10a it worked fine.

    Also the freeze-on-suspend-bug still exists. :(
    This is a bigger problem now because with version 0.20 I can not unload the driver because there are still mounted volumes because of the umount-problem.

    • Matt Wu

      Matt Wu - 2004-06-10

      Umount works with 0.21 !

      • Hagbard Celine

        Hagbard Celine - 2004-06-13

        Thanks for your work. It works fine for me :)

        Keep on rockin!


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