#87 Long time passed and nothing new ... development stopped?

Matt Wu
Ext2fsd (105)

Hello, I was just wondering, if the project Ext2fsd is still alive or not. As I can see it, for almost a year there was no active development. What is going on?

Matt Wu, have you abandoned this project? If so, have you considered any options how to make this project continue without you? Have you tried to ask someone to take the leader developer role after you are gone?

Apparently ... it seems you have abandoned it and you have not taken care of keeping it up-to-date without you.

I am writing here because I hope that the work will be continued to keep this project "up and running". It is a piece of good software indeed, but without active development, it will soon become obsolete and quite useless.

Just consider this, please.

Thank you.


  • Matt Wu

    Matt Wu - 2009-08-19
    • assigned_to: nobody --> insident
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Matt Wu

    Matt Wu - 2009-08-19

    Thanks for your support. I've been very busy on my work from last year.

    It's a very big topic on howto maintain an open-source project. But one advantage is: with the full source codes open, anyone can pick it up and continue :)


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