#103 Empty directories on ext4 partition

Ext2fsd (105)

Installed ext2fsd on Windows Server 2003 and tried to browse Ext4 partition (created by ubuntu 10.04). Top level directories and files are visible, but all linux-created directories are empty.
If I create a directory from Windows, I am able to see it's content however.


  • Bo Brantén

    Bo Brantén - 2010-05-03

    Just to clarify this: What is not suported is ext4 extents, those files will not be visible, you can write files to an ext4 partition from Windows and you can read files created in Linux when the filesystem is mounted with mount option "noextents".

  • Arie Skliarouk

    Arie Skliarouk - 2010-05-16

    This happens when the ext4 partition uses extents. To see whether your ext4 partition does - use following command (substitute sda2 below with name of your partition):
    tune2fs -l /dev/sda2 | egrep extent --color=always

    Currently there is no way to remove "extents" feature of ext4 without reformatting the filesystem.


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