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Andrew: Please Contact Me

Andrew, who volunteered to be a Windows tester, please contact me with a new e-mail address. Your e-mail address was not valid and was returned.

Posted by Daisuke 2003-02-08

Exporia v0.3.0 Released

The new version of Exporia, multilingual PHP photo album, was released.

The changes include the new back-and-next feature on the picture review page and Spanish support and documentation.

For more information visit

Posted by Daisuke 2002-11-02

Exporia v0.2.0 Released

The new version of Exporia, multilingual PHP photo album, was released.

The major release includes new features such as better support of alternative languages and improved interface as well as bug fixes. Now the interface is switchable in three (3) languages, English, Japanese, and French. The documents are available in all the three languages.

In the past you had to make html files for all the languages if you want your original index but now only you need to make is the one for the default language and Exporia shows the file for the rest of the languages.... read more

Posted by Daisuke 2002-10-06

Exporia v0.1.1 (Bug Fix) Released

The new bug fix version of Exporia, multi-language PHP photo album, is released.

The next pages of the index pages were not accessible and the link to the register page from the login page didn't pass correct variables but now those have been fixed.

Release nots:

https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=46748&release_id=79677... read more

Posted by Daisuke 2002-03-15

Exporia v0.1.0 Released

The new version of Exporia, a multi-language PHP photo album, has been released.

The new features include:
* Titles and comments on pictures and directories.
* The feature that shows user's html files instead of script-generated pages when they exist so that users can make more unique index pages.
* Display default footer and header files when the installer wants single set of those displayed at all the pages.
* The new "meta" status as a member.
* Login and registration forms.... read more

Posted by Daisuke 2002-03-09

Exporia v0.0.1.2 (bug fix) released

The new bug fix for Exporia, multi-language PHP photo album was released.

In this version I fixed the bug which showed an error when you try to see review or full versions of pictures. I also added go-to-parent-direstory link so now it's easier to navigate.

Posted by Daisuke 2002-02-24

Exporia (bug fix) released

I made two small but critical changes. Since Ver. 0.0.1 does not work because of header error and wrong table name please replace files with the new version.

You can download it from here.

Posted by Daisuke 2002-02-23

Exporia 0.0.1 Released

The first version of Exporia was released for review. The purpose of this release is to show the big picture of Exporia and it is not intended for use.

Posted by Daisuke 2002-02-22

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