Exponent very heavy system

  • bakerameen

    bakerameen - 2005-09-15

    after first installation i can add subjects and no problem .
    after added 4 subject the system goes to be dead
    very heavy and after some time we can't browse or update . very heavy system
    Please advice me
    its a DataBase Problem or programm problem
    and how to fix it

    • Alex Adair Vargas Cardoso

      for me the system run without any problem... very fast and reliable. that version you are using?

    • bakerameen

      bakerameen - 2005-09-18

      i installed 0.96.3 Stable (Origin) version
      my web site is :
      you can test : login information
        : admin
        : 123456

      Please Check By adding articles
        any one Feel Free and wait for ur feedback

    • David Pierson

      David Pierson - 2005-09-23

      Hi bakerameen

      Tried your site - thanks for the login - it worked fine for me. Very quick and responsive. I did not see any problems. I did not try to change anything -- is it only after making changes that you get a problem?

    • bakerameen

      bakerameen - 2005-10-11

      First Thanks for your visit  and as u said after adding some articles the system goes down

    • Christophe

      Christophe - 2005-10-19

      Tested your site. I added some modules, content and even a new page, and I didn't face any problems... It was jsut as quick as other Exponent web sites.

      Isn't it slower only when you add/input a page in Arabic script?


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