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  • Christophe

    Christophe - 2006-06-29

    I can't get the Flash animation module to work. I managed to activate it, to insert an instance of it, but when I click on the Edit icon and choose a SWF file to upload, the module tells me that "No Flash file has been loaded".

    Flash files are correctly uploaded in their respective directory (/files/swfmodule/) but it looks like if the module doesn't recognise them.

    I used the same technique and the same files as I did with version 0.96.3, on the same server, but it just doesnt't work... Any idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Christophe

      Christophe - 2006-06-30

      Can it be a Linux compatibility issue? Because now, even version 0.96.3 doesn't not load my Flash files...

      I clicked on System info link, in the admin module, and I noticed the following difference:

      - Linux imu36 2.4.29_IMU-014 (server on which it works)
      - Linux imu81 2.6.16_IMU-120 (server on which it doesn't work)

      Any idea what could be wrong? Help...!

    • Christophe

      Christophe - 2006-07-04

      I finally got the solution from my host company: 'loop' is a reserved keyword in mySQL 5 and as such no query of that name can be executed.

      Thus the following query can't work properly unless 'loop' is set into quotations marks:

      INSERT INTO `exponent_swfitem`
      (name,bgcolor,height,width,alignment,loop,location_data,swf_id) VALUES

      The easy way out, at least as far as the Flash Module goes, is to replace every instance of 'loop' by 'looping' (case sensitive) in the following three files:


      Once these files are modified and uploaded onto the server, don't forget to updates the MySQL tables by clicking on the 'Install Tables' link of the Administration Control Panel.

    • MaxxCorp

      MaxxCorp - 2006-07-05


      the solution looks good from here, i've got my hands full, could you please make a unified diff patch against the current cvs HEAD and send it to me ? if it's good i will check it in.

      we will likely have to address that in the database abstraction layer one day. but as this is going to get a rewrite anyway...

      thanks for the heads up and the fix


    • Christophe

      Christophe - 2006-07-05

      Uh, I'm not sure what do you mean by "a unified diff patch against the current cvs HEAD"...

      Shall I simply send you the entire module directory zipped, based on the original structure (datatypes, modules & subsystems)?



    • MaxxCorp

      MaxxCorp - 2006-07-06

      Hi Cristophe,

      that would be ok, too :)

      the much better - and smaller - way is, i am assuming you are using windows, is to get tortoisecvs, download the current cvs with it(instruction are on the cvs page), make your changes in that directory and then simply select that directory open the context menu and select "Make Patch".

      this way i will have just your changes, which makes them easier to review, and thus safer for everybody and i will know the exact revision of eXp i have to apply the changes to.




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