Expired Login Session

  • EdS

    EdS - 2006-07-12

    I am new to Exponent.

    My site is on a shared host at http://its2ez.com/soccer/. 

    I get the following when I try to login:
    "Expired Login Session
    Your session has expired, because you were idle too long. You will have to log back into the system to continue what you were doing.Invalid Username / Password"

    I searched forums and did not seem to find my problem exactly, however I came across some items that seemed to indicate maybe changes in the overides.php file might help.  I tried the following to no avail:


    My shared host is running Linux.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Not sure if this is related, but I also am getting the following on my main page prior to a login attempt:
    "Resource Not Found
    The resource you were looking for wasn't found. It may have been deleted, or moved. "


    • Christophe

      Christophe - 2006-07-12

      I'm facing the same problem since a few days on one of the several version of Exponent I installed: "The resource you were looking for wasn't found. It may have been deleted, or moved."

      No way to access the site, although I checked database's "section" and "user" tables where everything seems to be OK (at least when they're compared to my other sites' db).

      The most scary thing is that even the default page (public and active) doesn't show up, even in the top navigation...

      What could have gone wrong...?


    • Christophe

      Christophe - 2006-07-14

      I don't know if you solved your problem or if the following can be of any use, but I finally got my site back by manually editing the config.php file.

      I've no clue how — really —, but my database's user name and password were not working anymore (I found that out by attempting to reinstall exponent on the same db). I therefore created a new user via my host's control panel, with access to the same database, and modified accordingly DB_USER and DB_PASS in the following files:


      Hope this will help you.



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