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Another release of ESS 10

Although this is marked as a beta, it is truely beyond beta. We marked this as a beta as we haven't run a full regression test on it. It features site customizable screens. You select options in the company screen. There is no need to mess with HTML. We are also printing reports to a PDF file as a document image system feed. There are several tools you can use to convert PDF to TIFF if you need. As soon as we finish the testing and packaging, this will be released as a production release. In the meantime, feel free to use it.

Posted by Jim Holton 2018-02-22 Labels: expense report

ESS 10 available on Amazon Cloud (US east region)

ESS 10 is now available on the Amazon cloud. Configuration is completed with a 5 question script and ESS will be available in 2 minutes. Access the ESS AMI by searching for "expense report" in the community AMI's. Detailed instructions are available at:


The complete documentation is at:

http://www.expenseservices.com/supportDocumentation.html... read more

Posted by Jim Holton 2017-06-19

ESS 10 Early Release Available

ESS 10 has been released on SourceForge.net.

Major Additions - These are some REAL enhancements:

  1. Created screenComplete.html which allows auditors and system administrators to customize entry screens based on a user's company.
  2. Added support for HTML5 mobile expense reporting. Potosi report entry is available as a separate module.
  3. Support project time tracking.
  4. Support invoice submission.
  5. Enhanced menu system to provide for more than one type of report per user.
  6. Created screen for split transaction which allows for expenses to be split across departments, expense type and individual.
  7. Attendee list now remembers the last group of attendees used so they can be reused.
  8. Created the "EOD Report For SAP Entry" which creates tickets for SAP A/p entry.
  9. Added ability to split incoming pre-populated items across departments, expense types and individuals... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2017-06-07 Labels: Expense Report Time Invoice

Expense Submittal System 9.03 - maintenance, AWS

Version 9.03 is a maintenance release which addresses issues with receipt images uploaded from a browser including the display orientation of iPhone generated images, immediate listing in the receipt menu option, and correction to the number of receipts attached to a report in the current and history lists. The elimination of a looping condition in Sysprofile.jsp and changes to the Linux installation scripts were also made.... read more

Posted by Jim Holton 2016-05-12

ESS 9.02 - Maintenance Release

Release 9.02 is a maintenance release and it fixes some issues with process receipt image files.​ The issues are:

  1. Now interpret the EXIF definition in an image file to orientate the receipt image correctly.
  2. Fixed issue with TIFF file display.
  3. When a new users is created with the User Primary screen, the Address table will also be updated.
  4. Added a scroll bar to the receipt image display window.... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2016-04-29

Expense Submittal System 9.01

Expense Submittal System (ESS) 9.01 has been released on SourceForge.net. Enhancements include:

  1. Fix to the receipt display to ensure images are initially displayed according to the EXIF specifications.
  2. Address table is automatically updated when a new user is added.
  3. Fiscal and standing instructions modified to adjust for dates.
  4. Added G/L posting method to audit report.
  5. Several minor anomalies have been addressed.... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2016-04-13

ESS - Database Description document

The document, "ESS Transaction Tables - Schema and Relationship Guide" has been added to the Expenseservices.com web site. This document describes how expense report information is stored in the Expense Submittal System database. It is a companion to the document on Simply Inquiries and it will be helpful in analyzing your expense report data. The URL to all ESS documents is: http://expenseservices.net/supportDocumentation.html

Posted by Jim Holton 2016-04-01

Expense Report - Data Extraction Document.

The document "Creating Simple Inquiries and Using the EOD Report Generator" has been added to the Expense Submittal System (ESS) site. This innocuous sounding document actually provides some really powerful information on getting a lot out of ESS for relatively little effort.

  1. It describes how to create a Simple Inquiry. A Simple Inquiry let's you see information from the ESS database the way that you want to see it.... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2016-03-10

ESS 8.9 has improved in 5 major areas!

Expense Submittal System 8.9
Released March 4th, 2016

What's new with ESS 8.9:

  1. Email Text Gateway (ETG) - The number of message formats that the ETG accepts has been expanded. We also shifted to notating the subject line instead of the text. This improves the accuracy of interpreting the text, as well as, saving key strokes.

  2. EOD payment and G/L transfer - We've provided an alternate to the file creation process with the creation of the EODReportGenerator.jsp module. This allows the creation of posting reports and CSV feed files through the Simple Inquiry report definitions.... read more

Posted by Jim Holton 2016-03-07

ESS 8.8 available on the Amazon Cloud

ESS 8.8 is now available as a public image on the Amazon Cloud (AWS). This is the easiest way to get ESS up and running. Consult http://expenseservices.net/supportDocumentation.html for information on install ESS on AWS.

Posted by Jim Holton 2015-11-16

Expense Submittal System 8.8 Released

Release 8.8 has the following enhancements:

  1. Added property 'approval_screen_msg' to display a message to approvers when they are approving a report.
  2. Fixed minor issues with the receipt attachment process: Stopped submission of blank file name; issue message when no images found.
  3. Fixed issue with the default dates not being set for blank receipt entries on start-up.
  4. Restored postattachsql and releaseattachsql elements in the receiptmanagement section that were missing from the previous release.
  5. Added this index: CREATE INDEX INDX_REPORT2 ON REPORT (UP_DATE, DEPART); for reports.
  6. Added update to SIGN4 as part of the report release.
  7. Added column twelve to the releasepayments.jsp to use true/false to set the check.
  8. The SQLGenerator.jsp program has been removed from the release.
  9. Added logic to control default report selection on the EOD release process.
  10. Fixed issue on the audit report receipt sort.
  11. Shrink receipt images in upload to save disk space.
  12. Have changed the default audit menus to reduce editing of security.xml
  13. Simplified the standard audit menu.
  14. Made changes to the code for improved security surrounding SQL expansion.
  15. Eliminated the possibilities of anonymous binding with LDAP.... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2015-11-05

ESS 8.6 is available for general usage.

The latest version of ESS has moved out of beta and into release 8.6.

Release 8.6 has the following enhancements:

  1. Receipt images are now attached to line items during report creation prior to saving.
  2. Pre-trip Travel Requests can initiate the expense process.
  3. Modified the RATES table to include vehicle type and alternate rates for UK regulations.
  4. Added the COMMUTE table to check for commute mileage. UK tax mileage compliance feature.
  5. Fiscal mileage is tracked and alternate rates can be applied after limits have been reached. Another UK compliance feature.
  6. Added the STANDING table to accommodate standing instructions to supply default claim amounts.
  7. Special Handling table supports exclusive expense type pairing (i.e., one or the other, but not both).
  8. State Table enhancements include fast tracking, admin submit, auditor submit, and receipt checking.
  9. Changed the password reset function to require a change when a user logs on after a reset.
  10. Fix some bugs and made a lot of things smoother.... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2015-05-12

Expense Submital System 8.50 - Continued Improvement

The Expense Submittal System (ESS) 8.50 is the first release for 2015.

With ESS 8.50, we've concentrated on improving the user experience in handling receipt images and we've added workflow features to support pre-trip approvals.


  1. Receipt images are now attached to line items during report creation instead of having to wait for the report to be created.
  2. Pre-trip Travel Requests can initiate the expense process and are supported via the State table.
  3. Added the STANDING table to accommodate standing instructions to supply default claim amounts.
  4. Plus other enhancements - a complete list is in the readme.txt that accompanies the release.
  5. New documentation is available at: http://www.expenseservices.net/supportDocumentation.html... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2015-04-19 Labels: ESS Major

Expense Submittal System - Major Major Major Release

Release 8.20 has some really spiffy new features. Enhancements include:

1 - We added a "Magnifying" glass to screens to drill down to a receipt image when you need to see it. It can be found on the pre-populated screen, report entry screen and the audit screens.

2 - There are JavaScript functions to let you create an interface to Google Maps to calculate mileage for a trip. This also allows auditors to check up on mileage claims.... read more

Posted by Jim Holton 2014-10-13

ESS 8.14 upgrade process - important information

If you are upgrading to ESS 8.14, you must copy the schema.xml file from the ess/xmls folder in the release directory to your /var/ess/xmls folder. This step was omitted in the readme.txt file.

Posted by Jim Holton 2014-07-21

ESS 8.14 refines receipt image handling

Scans from the email/text gateway are now being mapped to individual receipt entries instead of to the report in general. This allows the user to view receipts during the expense report creation process which improves expense classification. A bug has been corrected in the email/text gateway that was generating inaccurate expense mapping. Also, an IE specific issue has been fixed, which affected line item editing on the audit receipt edit screens. The Help screen now displays the user name and personnel number to assist in device registration for the email/text gateway. The report history display was made configurable through the system.xml file. And finally, a site specific properties file has been incorporated to simplify future upgrades. Upgrading to 8.14 is recommended for sites using the email/text gateway.

Posted by Jim Holton 2014-07-16

Expense Submittal System 8.12

ESS 8.12:

      1. fixes several bugs in the MS SQL Server connection
      2. addresses issues with Exchange server regarding the return-path headers
      3. supports different screen and report types at the user level
      4. collects fleet vehicle odometer readings
      5. added a create new user screen for automatic personnel number creation.

We have also modified the installation scripts in an attempt to make the install easier. ... read more

Posted by Jim Holton 2014-06-16

ESS 8.11 Maintenance Release

Expense Submittal System is a corporate expense reporting package.

ESS 8.11 has been released and addresses the following:

  1. Addresses email header anomalies with MS Exchange Server support.
  2. A bug has been fixed in the 8Bit to Java character set conversion.
  3. A bug has been fixed in the EOD driver routines that was affecting MS SQL.
  4. Several changes have been made to the initial SQL database creation.
  5. Corrections have been made to the syntax in the MS SQL scripts. ... read more
Posted by Jim Holton 2014-05-01

ESS receipts, Portuguese and the cloud.

ESS 8.10 fixes issues with the email/text receipt image interface and adds Portuguese, in addition to English and French, as languages for expense report creation and approval. ESS has also been packaged for deployment on the Amazon cloud. Contact service@expenseservices.com, or consult the readme.txt in the SourceForge.net release package for more information.

Posted by Jim Holton 2014-04-21

ESA - Windows Appliance Update

We've just uploaded the final 8.02 version of the Expense Submittal Appliance for Windows. The installer loads all the stack components required to get the ESS expense reporting system onto a Windows PC/server. This stack includes ESS, Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL. The installer prompts the user for some basic information (domains, ports, email addresses) and then installs the ESS server which will be available to reporters via the internet/intranet.

Posted by Jim Holton 2013-11-11 Labels: expense report windows expense reports

Expense Submittal Appliance 8.02 (Beta stack)

The Expense Submittal Appliance for Windows appliance/stack has been release for beta.

The Expense Submittal Appliance (ESA) For Windows is an stack containing all the necessary software to get the Expense Submittal System (ESS) up and running quickly. ESS is an corporate open source expense reporting system. A self extracting file installer will load and configure everything needed for the ESS server. The stack consists of ESS 8.02, Apache2, Tomcat7 and MySQL5. The user is prompted for some basic information (viz., domain, email address, SMTP server, and Web address) and the installer will configure ESS and start the Apache, Tomcat and MySQL services. ... read more

Posted by Jim Holton 2013-11-06

Expense Submittal System 8.02 is Available

ESS 8.02 adds support for multiple customized report entry screens per installation. This feature will let you tailor the report screen to the needs of your various users. Over-sized PDF file printing is now supported and the need to configure the properties files has been eliminated. An issue with the alternate prefix that was affecting receipt image upload has been fixed.

Posted by Jim Holton 2013-11-06

ESS 8.01 Patch 1

ess_8_01_P1.zip contains a patch for the Expense Submittal System (ESS) 8.01 release. This patch fixes an issue introduced in 8.01 with the receipt upload screen.

Posted by Jim Holton 2013-10-25

ESS 8.1 Minor fixes and enhancements

A column for specifying the name of the entry screen has been added to the company table for easier management of customized entry screens. We've also: fixed isses with blank date usage in SQL; eliminated a bug with language in the Delinquent messaging process; changed the default alternate prefix in system.xml; created a separate audit receipt upload process. Finally we've changed some of the SQL scripts in the receipt management section of the system.xml file.

Posted by Jim Holton 2013-10-16

ESS: Add Expense Report Entries From Your Phone

The Expense Submittal System (ESS) 8.00 is available for download on SourceForge.net. ESS is a Web-based open source solution for business expense report creation and processing. ESS provides report entry, approval routing, corporate policy checking, auditing, credit card statement importation and report payment. New with ESS 8, mobile users can add items to their reports via text messaging and email.

Posted by Jim Holton 2013-10-09