stdin redirect breaks expect-interact?

  • Vassily Litvinov

    Seems like expect's interact does not work when I redirect stdin to an expect script. (See examples below.)

    Is this a bug? Expected behavior?

    How do I make expect pass its stdin onto a spawned program when it is redirected (from a file or a pipe)?

    $ expect -c 'spawn sleep 3' -c interact

    ==> sleeps for 3 seconds (good!)

    $ expect -c 'spawn sleep 3' -c interact < /dev/null

    ==> exits immediately (not what I'd like to happen)

    $ expect -c 'spawn sleep 3' -c interact < /dev/zero

    ==> prints a bunch of \0s then exits after 6 seconds (strange)

    $ tail -f myemptyfile | expect -c 'spawn sleep 3' -c interact

    ==> sleeps indefinitely, or so it seems (it shouldn't)

    I am running expect 5.42.1 on Linux.  Thanks!

  • ender

    ender - 2010-11-03

    If you need to have expect pass stdin onto a spawned process then deal with the pass stdin as if it were arguments passed to expect using the variable $argv

    There might be a better way. What is the goal behind having expect pass stdin onto a spawned process?

  • Vassily Litvinov

    Say I have a program processNames that accepts user input, computes something, prints something, then accepts more user input, etc. processNames is quirky (e.g. requires stdin/stdout to be a terminal) and I can't change it.

    I would like to (a) wrap processNames in an expect script (e.g. as a workaround for the terminal requirement) and (b) be able to invoke that expect script just like I'd invoke processNames itself, i.e., either interactively or with stdin/stdout redirect.

    How would I write such a script?

  • Vassily Litvinov

    There is another issue with redirects. Say we have this test.exp:

    spawn sleep 3
    send_user "done\n"

    If I run it as 'expect test.exp' I get the "done" message as expected.

    If I say

      expect test.exp < /dev/null       # or some file

    I get this:

    spawn sleep 3
    send: spawn id exp0 not open
        while executing
    "send_user "done\n""
        (file "test.exp" line 3)

    This looks like a bug? Any workarounds?


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