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    • Peter Chiu

      Peter Chiu - 2002-08-22


      When I invoke a crontab job to start up a back up on an Alpha running Tru64 Unix 5.1 with a 6 slot dds4 autoloader, the job crashes out when it comes to the end of a tape.

      I have looked at the "Expect" software, but it seems to me that it will attempt to continue a task in response to a continuation prompt.

      When I look into the log file on the cron job, there is no prompt.

      Any idea on how to tackle this?

      Attached below is an extract of the log:

      PS. Please cc your response to my mailbox
      P.Chiu@rl.ac.uk if you can. Thanks.

      vdump -b 64 -C -0uf /dev/ntape/tape1c /neodc
      path     : /neodc
      dev/fset : neodc_domain#data
      type     : advfs
      advfs id : 0x35ffe02d.000de92e.1
      vdump: Date of last level 0 dump: the start of the epoch
      vdump: Dumping directories
      vdump: Dumping 27607774474 bytes, 498 directories, 12225 files
      vdump: Dumping regular files

      vdump: Status at Wed Aug 21 15:46:22 2002
      vdump: Dumped  484154916 of 27607774474 bytes;  1.8% completed
      vdump: Dumped  146 of 498 directories; 29.3% completed
      vdump: Dumped  5469 of 12225 files; 44.7% completed


      vdump: Status at Wed Aug 21 20:56:04 2002
      vdump: Dumped  18801864491 of 27607774474 bytes; 68.1% completed
      vdump: Dumped  271 of 498 directories; 54.4% completed
      vdump: Dumped  10059 of 12225 files; 82.3% completed
      vdump: out of space and unable to prompt input for new tape; [25] Not a typewriter


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