Expat 2.0 released

Expat is a fast XML parser written in C based on code written by XML and SGML guru James Clark. A new version, Expat 2.0.0, has been released by the current maintainers of the package. This version is the last of the 1.95.X series of releases, providing mostly bug and build fixes as well as some minor enhancements.

Changes include:

- Fixed headers for use from C++.
- Added XML_LARGE_SIZE switch to enable 64-bit integers for byte indexes and line/column numbers.
- Updated to use libtool 1.5.22 (the most recent).
- Added support for AmigaOS.
- Some mostly minor bug fixes. SF issues include: 1006708, 1021776, 1023646, 1114960, 1156398, 1221160, 1271642.

See the Expat home page, http://www.libexpat.org/, for more information on the changes in this release and on Expat in general.

Posted by Karl Waclawek 2006-01-11

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