Expat 1.95.4 release now available

It's an Expat first, just five weeks in the making!

Due to an painful bug in Expat 1.95.3, we've turned out traditional release cycle around and provided a working Expat in just five week (compare that to our previous release cycle of about 11 months).

Expat 1.95.4, now available for download, fixes a bug that rendered the 1.95.3 release unusable for some, as well as a variety of obscure bugs. The build process should be more stable on more platforms. Support has been added for Borland C++ Builder 5 and the free BCC 5.5 compiler, Mac OS classic, and VMS.

See the change log in the release for more detailed information.

Posted by Fred L. Drake, Jr. 2002-07-12

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