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#472 Please update libtool scripts to support GNU/k*BSD

Platform Specific

In the Debian bug report #342684 [1] it has been pointed out, that expat 2.0.1 shipped too old libtool scripts to support GNU/k*BSD. Please update them with the next release.



  • Daniel Leidert

    Daniel Leidert - 2009-01-18

    This could be a duplicate of item 1983953.

  • Karl Waclawek

    Karl Waclawek - 2009-01-18

    According to the Debian bug report, it might be sufficient to update only config.sub and config.guess.

    If libtool needs to be updated as well (currently at 1.5.22), it seems there is a big version jump from 1.5.x to 2.2.x necessary if going to the most recent version. Any opinions on that?

  • Daniel Leidert

    Daniel Leidert - 2009-01-18

    We updated to the latest version of the 1.x release of libtool. The following files have been updated: config.sub, config.guess, conftools/, conftools/libtool.m4. Then configure has been recreated.

  • Karl Waclawek

    Karl Waclawek - 2009-01-19
    • milestone: --> Platform Specific
    • assigned_to: nobody --> fdrake
  • Karl Waclawek

    Karl Waclawek - 2009-01-19

    I have already updated config.sub/guess to the most recent available version.
    I suggest we then use and libtool.m4 from libtool 1.5.26 for the next Expat release.

  • Keith Bowes

    Keith Bowes - 2009-12-08

    This is really imperative to fix (and I saw I patch had been submitted), because I had to downgrade libtool to 1.5.x to even compile the latest CVS version. In my experience with Linux, you need to upgrade at least every two years or less and less software works, so it's going not going to be long before the vast majority of users find getting the latest secure version a major nuisance or perhaps even an impossibility.

  • Fred L. Drake, Jr.

    I spent some time trying to update to the latest libtool, and that's certainly a losing battle.

    Hopefully someone with enough autohell-fu will provide a patch.

  • Karl Waclawek

    Karl Waclawek - 2012-03-03

    Modified build system to use autoreconf -fvi instead of
    ( now just calls autoreconf)
    Needs testing

  • Karl Waclawek

    Karl Waclawek - 2012-03-03
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Sebastian Pipping

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
  • Sebastian Pipping

    Fixed since 2.1.0, closing.


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