#446 cmake support for expat

Feature Request

The appended archive contains support for the cmake Makefile generator which allows to have a uniq build system on unix, windows, mac and others.

On win32 mingw, nmake and msvc ide support is provided, see www.cmake.org for more informations.

The build system support is tested on win32 using mingw and nmake.


  • Sebastian Pipping

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> Feature Request
  • Sebastian Pipping

    Expat release 2.1.0 introduced an alternative experimental CMake-based build system. The next release will include minor fixes (that are included in Git by now) on top.
    Since the original objective of this ticket is to add a CMake build system, I am closing the ticket as fixed. If the CMake build system need further improvements, please let me know what changes you need and either re-open this ticket or better make a new ticket. Okay? Closing.


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