#11 Unable to build 1.95.1 "Win32 Release" under DevStudio

Rob Schafer

Downloaded/extracted expat-1.95.1.tar.gz. I opened the DevStudio workspace and set the active configuration to "expat - Win32 Release". I encountered many compiler errors (too many to list here.)

To fix, I made the following mods to the Win32 Release project settings (to bring them in sync with the Debug settings):

- "C/C++:Precompiled Headers"
Set to "Not using precompiled headers"

- Under settings for xmlparse.c, escaped quotes in the VERSION #define (VERSION=\"expat_1.95.1\").

- Excluded xmltok_impl.c and xmltok_ns.c from the build (under "General:Exclude File From Build").


  • Fred L. Drake, Jr.

    Clark -- do you keep a Windows development system available? Can you handle this? I don't have an authenticated CVS set up under Windows.

  • Fred L. Drake, Jr.

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I owe you a lunch for explaining this

  • Kevin Gilpin

    Kevin Gilpin - 2001-06-10

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    One more thing : I had to modify expat.h to be :

    void XMLPARSEAPI XML_DefaultCurrent(XML_Parser parser);

    Had to add the XMLPARSEAPI so that the function would be

  • Kevin Gilpin

    Kevin Gilpin - 2001-06-11

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    I had the same problems, applied the same fixes. Now life
    is good.

  • Fred L. Drake, Jr.

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    New MSVC project and workspace files will be provided in the upcoming 1.95.2 release which fix these problems.

    The application of XMLPARSEAPI in expat.h has been rationalized as well.


  • Fred L. Drake, Jr.

    • assigned_to: coopercc --> fdrake
    • summary: Unable to build 1.95.1 "Win32 Release" under DevStudio --> Unable to build 1.95.1 "Win32 Release" under DevStudio
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