#1 Expat causes segfaults in Apache


When Expat is compiled into Apache, and you add mod_perl or php or Sablotron into Apache in some way or another, Apache can segfault at random times.

Clark Cooper is aware of the bug, but I wanted to make sure it was logged here on sourceforge.


  • Clark Cooper

    Clark Cooper - 2000-09-05

    This is caused (I believe) by multiple instances of expat in each of these modules. The task that I'm working on right now is to produce a shared library version. (Then after that to put out a new release of XML::Parser which can use it.)
    - coopercc

  • Greg Stein

    Greg Stein - 2000-09-09

    Clark: I'm nominally in charge of the Expat that is incorporated directly into Apache (i.e. I put it there :-). I'm happy to make the changes on the Apache side to get this working. Just let me know what you'll need...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I bet it is because Expat is *not* thread-safe

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    pardon... I'm on drugs... I hadn't seen the nasty #defines for userData and
    the like... ignore that last comment.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Any update on this one? I'm getting core dumps all the time from Apache when because of this...

  • Clark Cooper

    Clark Cooper - 2000-12-27
    • status: open --> closed-later
  • Clark Cooper

    Clark Cooper - 2000-12-27

    We don't know if this is still a bug under libexpat releases.

    Need to get test data of Apache with new modules that use the released library. It isn't sufficient to just change just one module. All modules that use expat have to be upgraded to use the sharable library version.


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