#17 User defined games (an idea to consider)


Hi Mr. Mental, ;)

Here's an idea to consider. It came about from a
discussion with a schemer on IRC about the use of
scheme 'embedded' in software to extend its purpose.

This is a *very* low priority idea (and not even a request,

What about having a game module which uses Guile
(GNU's embedded scheme library implementation), and
stores games, written in scheme, in the database?

Authorised users could then write games for this module
and upload them to the module using a mechanism
such as DCC.

I believe Scheme can be byte-compiled on many
systems, although I'm unsure of whether Guile can do
this. If it can, it would prove to be a powerful addition to
the game module, and could invite a large variety of
unique user submitted games. Even if it can't, it's still
faster to parse than most scripting languages due to its
sheer simplicity.

Many IRC bots already use Scheme as an extension
language, these days, too.



- Simon

This idea was only considered for submission because
you seem to like torturing yourself, James, with beyond-
the-norm things to program ;)


  • Simon Butcher

    Simon Butcher - 2002-11-14

    Logged In: YES

    I'm really warming to the prospect of using Scheme above
    other embeddable languages (libperl, etc).

    After reading about half of a brilliant tutorial for people who
    have programmed before
    html), I'm convinced Scheme is far more powerful than people
    seem to give it credit for. On-top of that, it's the cleanest
    language I've ever seen.

    What do you think? :)

  • Simon Butcher

    Simon Butcher - 2002-11-14

    Logged In: YES

    Oh yeah - Scheme is a general purpose language, PERL is a
    data munger ;)

  • Simon Butcher

    Simon Butcher - 2002-11-14

    Logged In: YES

    .. I'm not biased... honest ;)

  • James Wilkins

    James Wilkins - 2003-10-24
    • assigned_to: josullivan --> ircdome

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