C++ expression template matrix library / News: Recent posts

New release: exmat-0.6.1

- Cross product bug fixed
- Added determinant, minor view, cofactor view and adjoint view for matrix
- Added support for column major memory layout
- Helper macro for deriving ET enabled sub-class from exmat::Mat easily
- Array version for approximated math

Posted by Lung Man Tat 2006-05-06

New release: exmat-0.5.2

- Code clean up
- New option to select between compile-time or run-time
expression compatibility check

Posted by Lung Man Tat 2005-03-03

New release: exmat-0.5.1

- Code clean up for faster compile time
- Temporary awared assignment analyser

Posted by Lung Man Tat 2005-02-22

New release: exmat-0.5.0

- Minor bug fixes
- Support for Microsoft C++.net 2005 Express
- Aliased assignment analyser

Posted by Lung Man Tat 2004-10-11

New release: exmat-0.4.0

- Major bug fixes
- Support for GCC 3.4
- Re-design of SIMD implementation

Posted by Lung Man Tat 2004-08-06

New release: exmat-0.3.1

- Minor bug fixes
- Documentation using Doxygen
- Enhanced code generation for long expression

Posted by Lung Man Tat 2004-06-14

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