I have finally managed to strip some time to refactor the Configuration code of eXist. Some time ago a lot of static properties and methods were introduced, making it impossible to use eXist in a multi-instance configuration such as the one I am using.


In general all static properties have been removed and have been replaced by per-instance properties (don’t know what the name is for “unstatic” ;) ). All remaining static (getExistHome à getDefaultExistHome) methods have been moved to a class called ConfigurationHelper. There were still 2 methods for which I had no satisfying idea of how to refactor them without refactoring the code that calls them. Since I wanted to keep the impact on the stable code as small as possible, these remained in a class called SingleInstanceConfiguration which extends Configuration. As soon as I get no mad reports about me having broken anything, I will continue refactoring the last methods.


The final goal is to get a Configuration implementation which will be able to be adapted in runtime.


Unfortunately there are 3 test-cases which fail in the current test suite. As soon as I run them in debug mode inside Eclipse they pass without errors. When started using “build test” they fail. I think I must have something to do with the test case configuration and since I am not that familiar with the test suite yet, I would be very happy if someone could have a look at these errors and fix them. The failing test cases are all in Class org.exist.xmldb.XmldbRemoteTests.





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