Hello Lyle,

Glad to see people using eXist for Adobe forms.† This is an interesting approach.

You "should" be able to customize the serialization for any mime-type.† You might want to try a few small steps.

Have you tried to create a simple custom XQuery program that adds the serialize option?

Have you tried putting a controller.xql directly in a collection? For example


There is some additional information in this here:


Make sure you edit the controller-config.xml file and restart the server.

Let us know how this goes.† Once you get it set up we might want to add a Wikibook article on this topic.

- Dan

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 4:25 AM, Lyle Winton <Lyle.Winton@vu.edu.au> wrote:


Iím an eXist noob and canít find this in docs or mail archive.† Iím using eXist to store Adobe PDF form data (XFDF) which is working well after updating the mime-types.xml .† However, extracting the documents (via a browser GET on a rest URL) returns output without an XML declaration, and Adobe Acrobat then warns users the file is corrupt.† For example the admin tools in Browse Collections eventually generates a link to the following indexed document...


Iím aware of the XQuery "declare option exist:serialize" for queries, but is there a way I can set omit-xml-declaration=no to the gobal default or just for specific mime types?

Iíve tried editing †webapp/controller.xql† adding a new dispatch/forward...

†††else if (ends-with($exist:resource, '.xfdf')) then

...with a set-attribute omit to no, but I suspect REST calls are getting caught before this as it didnít matter what I put here.† Iíve also tried playing with serializer config but this didnít change the REST output.

Can someone give me a hint where to look?

Many thanks in advance,


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