Running eXist 2.1 Dev trunk revision 18374 on Windows 7 using jdk 1.6.

In starting up the database, I have noticed two things in Cmd log that I don't understand:

-one line reads [main] INFO ... [eXist Home: unknown] (though eXist Home: is correctly designated in System Status under the admin/admin.xql);

-and a second line reads "org.expath.pkg.repo.util.Logger info INFO: Warning package uses old-style content dir: 'C:\exist\webapp\WEB-INF\data\expathrepo\shared-0.2.7\shared'. Why is this warning appearing after the the attempt to "Create a new repository with storage: File system storage in C:\exist\webapp\WEB-INF\data\expathrepo"?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.