Of cause, I had set "include.feature.svn = true"
in $EXIST_HOME/extensions/build.properties

BUT not in $EXIST_HOME/extensions/local.build.properties

In fact http://exist-db.org/exist/apps/doc/subversion-module.xml
doesn't mention this local.build.properties, at all. It even doesn't exist by default - one has to create it first.

Eventually I also found a sort of hidden hint in conf.xml:

- the following steps might be required:
      - copy extensions/build.properties to extensions/local.build.properties
      - edit extensions/local.build.properties
      - build modules with "./build.sh extension-modules"

with include.feature.svn = true
in $EXIST_HOME/extensions/local.build.properties
it finally worked!

This bit of info should go into the documentation at http://exist-db.org/exist/apps/doc/subversion-module.xml in order to spare others this trouble.

Anyway, thanks for helping me so patiently!


2013/7/31 Dannes Wessels <dannes@exist-db.org>

from your build log the svn module is not built at all.....:

     [echo] ====================================================================
     [echo] Extension 'svn' ('svn')
     [echo] ====================================================================

did you enable the extension in extension/build.properties or better extension/local.build.properties ?