Thanks I found it now. I am trying to get the build going first, with the local repository, and let you know all the missing dependencies that need to go in exist’s maven repository.

On 22/09/2011 15:16, "Adam Retter" <> wrote:

Hi Miguel,

The Maven branch's pom.xml is a little out of date I am afraid. You can find the exificient.jar in lib/user - do you want me to put it up in our artifactory repo as an external jar?

On 22 September 2011 14:54, Miguel de Melo <> wrote:
I have checked out the maven branch and have been trying to build and
discover other missing dependencies in the exist-core project. But can¹t for
the life of me find out where to get com.siemens.ct.exi from, required by

Have found this dependency declaration, which looks at, discontinued since April 2010, and
replaced with where the dependency
doesn't exist.

 ? <groupId>com.siemens.ct.exi</groupId>
 ? <artifactId>exificient</artifactId>
 ? <version>0.7</version>

Can anyone suggest where I can find a candidate jar to go on the exist maven
repository to satisfy this dependency ?


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