I remember from my days doing tech support for a popular back/restore software package that these sort of issues under Windows were, more often than not, caused by antivirus software going through and wreaking havoc with open file handles. Could there be something like that (or may be an equivalent problem) going on here?

P.S. I think it's a rule that Microsoft invented that if there happens to be *any* utility in Windows that has a UNIX equivalent, it's got to have the word "Explorer" in the title somewhere.

2012/1/30 José María Fernández González <jmfg@users.sourceforge.net>
The Windows equivalent to lsof is Process Explorer:


On 31/01/12 01:07, Adam Retter wrote:
> As the file is created in the class
> org.exist.util.io.MemoryMappedFileFilterInputStreamCache and the file
> handle is not leaked from that class, and the file is closed by that
> class before the delete is attempted, I am not sure that an lsof
> equivalent for Windows would help us here? Unless I am
> misunderstanding something or your explanation?
> On 30 January 2012 23:10, Hungerburg<pch13@myzel.net>  wrote:
>> Am 2012-01-30 23:52, schrieb Adam Retter:
>>> It was bought to my attention that temporary files were not being
>>> cleaned up on the Windows platform.
>> Just something I learned from experience, which might apply here:
>> On Linux I often update a pdf, and adobe reader even has a "reload" entry in
>> its file menu. While on windows, a file cannot even be written, while it is
>> open in reader. And it cannot be deleted either.
>> There sure is an equivalent of lsof in windows to find out, if its that easy
>> ;)
>> --
>> peter

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