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Well, that would all be fine if there weren't already issues with db corruption and memory overconsumption. My concern is you guys make exist as lean & mean as possible this time, and focus less on support.

Well actually nothing has changed in eXist-db for 'the war feature', only a configuration file has been changed. Nothing more....

(We try to provide as much as support as possible on this list, but well, it is a job done by volunteers, doing this in spare time..)
It has to run out of the box, and that's that.

We all agree on this

 but I have a hunch that the whole servlet container deal is a design flaw. The more processes/instances the merrier.

Well, actually the jetty servlet container is the fundament of eXist-db; We selected jetty because it is open source, well supported and it is rather a light engine. We decided a long time ago not to develop our own HTTP server but to use off-the-shell technology as much as possible. This way we can focus better on the core-business..... developing the database.

I am sorry to read you are a bit disappointed in eXist-db as a product (the upcoming 2.0, current development wor,k might give you a better experience..... when it is ready). Maybe we should talk offline a bit further on your specific issues....



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