Why not generate your JavaScript in a seperate XQuery and link them into the xhtml page? That way you can generate the appropraite media-type's for each. We do a similar thing for our application.

BTW - this media-type=text/html method=xhtml is not the correct mimetype for JavaScript.

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I'm trying to write an xql file containing JavaScript and XForms to use
with Firefox and its XForms plug-in. To get the XForms to work, I have
to preface the file with:

declare option exist:serialize "media-type=application/xhtml+xml";

However, to get JavaScript working, I have to use:

declare option exist:serialize "media-type=text/html method=xhtml";

If I try combining these then the XForms do not render: how can I do
this and what is the difference between media-type and method?



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