Hi All,
I just started using eXist DB for one of our ongoing projects. For this, I want to run eXist through the 'Tomcat' servlet engine. However, am getting issues while configuring the same... I unpack the 'exist.war' to:
./Tomcat/webapps/exist and then have the conf.xml file under ./Tomcat/webapps/exist/WEB-INF. I am running an embedded tomcat which would start the eXist DB.
However, when the embedded tomcat tries to register and start the eXist DB server, there are some issues. It says it has registered the DB without any errors. But when I try to browse through: localhost:8080/exist/index.xml, it says:

description The requested resource (/exist/index.xml) is not available.

I can copy paste some code snipplets if required. Would really appreciate if someone could throw some light on this... Thanks in advance... Have a nice day,

Best regards,

---- AJ