I'm trying to work out how to insert a processing-instruction (stylesheet) into my documents. I've tried three methods without result.

1) Using XQuery Update Extensions

If I try to insert the pi preceding the document node, I get a null pointer exception.
I can insert into the document node, but I want the pi to precede the document node.

2) Using XUpdate in an XQuery.

I can't construct the XUpdate, let alone apply it.

I keep getting unexpected token ":", the one between xupdate and processing-instruction. This is when using an exact copy of the example from XUpdate Use Cases.

let $c := <xupdate:modifications …>
                <xupdate:insert-before select="/addresses">
                    <xupdate:processing-instruction type="cocoon-process">type="xsp"</xupdate:processing-instruction>
return $c

It appears that I can put just about anything instead of processing-instruction and the above query works. Even "processing-instructio" works.

3) Using XUpdate via Java Code (SOAP Interface)

Again, I get a null pointer exception.

<xupdate:modifications version="1.0" xmlns:xupdate="http://www.xmldb.org/xupdate">
  <xupdate:insert-before select="/document-node()">
    <xupdate:processing-instruction name="xml-stylesheet">type="text/xml" href="http://hiexmldb:8080/schema/HostInfo.xsl"</xupdate:processing-instruction>


The only thing that works is to get the resource from the data-base, convert to to DOM, add the processing-instruction, serialize and write back to database.

I'd prefer to use update/xupdate.

Russell Thamm

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