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I'm trying to find a method of getting a program to branch depending on the parameter provided.  After determining the selection, the following processes are identical.  The following code will only provide data for  $name-predicate.  If I change the order, it works for a $place-predicate only. I presume from this that this particular use of a conditional clause is invalid.  What alternatives do I have for achieving the desired result? (Apart from separate XQueries which is where I am at the moment. I've also tried putting alternatives into the predicate which according to Presley p 46

I assume you mean Pris[cilla Walms]ley!

does seem to be legitimate - see below, but that does not work either).

What is it you have found not to work?


Best wishes


let $name-predicate := local:get-name-predicate(request:get-parameter('people',''))
let $place-predicate := local:get-name-predicate(request:get-parameter('place',''))
let $selected-documents :=
(if($name-predicate) then (collection('/db/punch/data')//tei:persName[@corresp=$name-predicate])
else if($place-predicate) then  (collection('/db/punch/data')//tei:placeName[@corresp=$place-predicate])
  else ())
return $selected-documents 

Alternative predicate:
let $selected-documents := collection('/db/punch/data')//(if($name-predicate) then tei:persName[@corresp=$name-predicate]
else tei:placeName[@corresp=$place-predicate] )
return $selected-documents 

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  • Build: 20120228

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