yesterday Adam an I have updated the class "HttpRequestWrapper" in a way that all HTTP parameters, either submitted via url-encoded GET & POST, or submitted via POST multi-part-formdata, are available for the request:get-parameter function.

Note: the cardinality of the function always have been * (zero or more).

Concrete situation that has changed: if a parameter name was supplied AND in the body of a HTTP multi-part formdata POST request AND in the URL at the smae time, in the new situation request:get-parameter() returns 2 values in stead of one. The admin web interface clearly showed the change of behavior.

so for the following form

<form method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="url?a=1&b=2">
<input name="a" value="foobar">

the function get-parameter("a") returns (1, foobar) instead of (foobar) alone.

Your web application *might* need a small modification for this change.

Kind regards


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