On 30 June 2010 21:13, Casey Jordan <casey.jordan@jorsek.com> wrote:

When I save a file via web-dav, and then load that file via the rest interface or xquery the changes take 10-30 seconds to be shown.

doesn't sound right.

you didn't say what client you are using to connect or OS ...  some ideas to try:

* OS webdav integration is notoriously variable, have you tried a specific webdav client (usually built into FTP clients these days) over using your OS integration ?

* have you tried using oXygen XML editor connecting to database ... its the best way for rapid dev with eXist

* can u confirm that the file is actually there a few seconds after you save (using webdav to check) to isolate and see if its uploading the file via webdav or issue with REST ?

good luck, James Fuller