I run a build from the trunk with OpenID enabled. Accessing localhost:8080/exist/openid ends with an error about a missing file from a missing directory "webapp\openid\login.xql". Where do I get this directory from? 
If I open localhost:8080/exist/administration I get a login screen with a number of OpenID providers but as soon as I click on any of then I get an error "Message:OpenID realm wasn't initialized."
Apart from these errors I have some other questions:
 1. How do I configure the list of available OpenID providers? Say I want to add Facebook login.
 2. How do I update the user interface to reflect that?
 3. I do remember some time ago there was an discussion that at that time that these is a need of special XQuery to persist OpenID details into the db. Do we still need this file? If yes where do I take this file from?
 4. If I have a user that has logged in with a generic eXist user name first and later he decided to login with a number of OpenIDs, how do I know he is the same user when he loggs in with any of the OpenIDs or with eXist credentials. In other words how do I associate a generic eXist user with a number of OpenIDs?
It seams  the core OpenID  functionality is there but unfortunately it does not work out of the box. It would be very helpful if we have a working example as part of the build which we can try, study and extend in our own projects.


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On 28 December 2010 14:20, Dmitriy Shabanov <> wrote:
On Tue, 2010-12-28 at 11:04 +0000, Thomas White wrote:
> Is there anybody who has OpenID up and running? Is it ready for
> production installations?
> If somebody has done this already I would love to receive some help
> with configuring OpenID.
> I am going to document and share all that I will learn during this
> exercise.

And your question is?

All you need is to enable it and compile. During start-up messages you
should see that servlet is up&running on /openid .

Trunk have feature to use that accounts in permissions settings.


Dmitriy Shabanov