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On 23 Nov 2010 00:21, "Lars-Olof Krause" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I got an quite confising Problem:
> If a xquery scrip I execute on different documents in eXist (final goal
> is to execute on the whole collection).
> Now if I take a rather small document e.g. 100KB the execution takes a
> time but works.
> When I use a bigger Dokument e.g. 20MB the execution fails an my
> oxygen-editor I user displays an Time-Out error.
> When I then try to execute the query on the smaller document again it
> also gets the timeout untill I restart eXist.
> Currently I'm testing on the Stand-Alone-Modus using RPC, befor that
> when using REST-API the performance was even worse.
> Anyone an Idea how I can solve these problem?
> regards
> Lars-Olof Krause
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